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Woodland Management

Trees grow throughout their lives and need more living space as time goes by. Under natural conditions competition results in some trees, which may become suppressed and these weekened trees may eventually die.

As managers we seek to influence the composition of the woodland by removing trees competing with those which we favour. In this way we can enhance the timber quality and promote the best conservation and amenity trees. Trees can also be selected for wildlife value.

This quad bike and specially designed trailer run on low pressure tyres so it can be used in sensitive areas without damaging the forest floor. Its small size also makes it ideal for areas with restricted access.

The effects of thinning woodlands is to encourage:

  • deeper, fuller crowns
  • the potential for longer life
  • the potential for greater stability and more options for management at maturity
  • a preferred species in a mixed plantation
  • allow light to reach part or all of the forest floor
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